Hello and welcome to the offsite Off-topic and General Discussion forum. This forum is not managed by IMVU, Inc.
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 Forum Guidlines and Rules

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PostSubject: Forum Guidlines and Rules   Fri Aug 24, 2012 7:28 pm

Hello, Welcome to the offsite Off topic and General Discussion forum a few rules that you should know before posting are..

Images should be GA (General audience) appropriate. If not expect a warning.

Nudity and or vulgar images are not acceptable. If you are questioning if it is in the guidelines please pm me or a moderator.

Please no overuse of profanity.

I would like to keep spamming to a minimal.

Images should not exceed 500x500px, and signatures should be kept under 500x300px

If your image is bigger than 500x500 px, then please link it using BBCode.

Please do not bash other people in this forum, no matter if you hate them or not lets keep is civil please we have messaging so message away if you have too.

Let other people have their opinion, don't start trouble because you dislike someone's opinion.

Please remember moderator's/admin are HUMAN if you're rude to us then don't be upset when we give you the honest truth.

Don't bring drama from other sites here.

Each user will only get 3 warnings.

Also I would like to add that if you are to sign up here only sign up with YOUR IMVU username and to never give out your password to others.
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Forum Guidlines and Rules
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